Who are we?

UP is the product of a journey taken separately by Phil and Rich, but ultimately arriving at the same destination – it is our collective curiosity and creativity that hold the key to bringing organisations to life.


Our Vision – To unearth human potential in the service of greater well-being – individually, culturally & environmentally.

The UP Founders

Rich Spicer BA ACC

Adrenaline junkie Rich spent his early adult life in the world of sports and art – an unlikely mix. Rich has painted from early childhood and refers to it as his ‘best friend.’ He credits his creative output for getting him through the tough times in life by providing the space to contemplate, focus and be ‘in flow’.

Since graduating from art college and university, Rich has held leadership positions within the events and hospitality industries as well as climbing up and throwing himself down mountains across Europe.

His entrepreneurial nature led him to form and operate a successful events company as well as his own private art teaching practice. It was here that Rich discovered that it wasn’t that he taught art, but rather that he coached creativity.

This new passion and perspective led Rich to qualify as a transformational coach with the accredited Animas Centre for Coaching as well as training in NLP and Hypnotherapy with the accredited Salus Academy. He is also holds ACC credentials with the International Coaching Federation.

Rich co-founded UP with a simple belief that the workplace can and should be a place of joy, imagination and expression and that the best solutions are revealed when we can freely share knowledge and ideas without fear. Rich is a firm advocate for the power of creativity and imagination and believes it’s this innate ability that holds the key to our continued evolution as a species – we often just need to relearn how to use it.

Phil Yeoman

After leaving school at 15, Phil has been on quite a journey; from sailing the Atlantic with a group of misfits, juggling on the French Riviera to becoming Deputy Leader of one of the largest Local Authorities in the Country.

Phil has had a successful 20-year Civil Service career which has taken him from running Job Centres in the East End of London to becoming a Ministerial Advisor.

Currently Phil is both a co-founder of UP and the Head of Data Governance at a UK financial regulator. This role has provided him with valuable insights into the power of data and technology to enable social good.

Informed by his own personal experience of anxiety, depression and workplace stress, Phil is a passionate advocate for people finding the courage to talk about their own vulnerabilities.  Phil’s rich and diverse background has led him to identify a re-frame in the way the workplace is organised. This not only has a positive impact on people’s well-being but also on organisational performance and productivity.

Phil is a skilled and experienced speaker and facilitator and is also trained in the practice of Mindfulness. He is a firm believer in its benefits as a part of a wider solution and effort towards workplace well-being.

Both Rich and Phil aspire to grow UP to include an academy for young people to learn valuable life skills that often missing from our education system, so they can become the leaders of the future. In these uncertain times, it is their hope that these young people can go on to create the businesses and organisations the world needs.

Rich and Phil are both proud husbands and fathers of young children.

Guiding & Ethical Principles

Our needs are met on a foundation of nature’s needs

Sustainable – Ethical – Environmental

  • All decisions made on behalf of UP will be in service to these founding principles
  • We will operate with transparency and integrity.
  • No one is smarter than everyone

We embrace rules created with intent to:

  • Offer security and safety
  • Offer and sustain equity
  • Give freedom to think, learn and create – Growth
  • Enable the best decisions to evolve
  • Enable the whole organisation to breathe

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