Climate change scares the shit out of me. I have 3 wonderful kids and if the science is right, unless we change the direction of our society, their future looks pretty bleak, or so we’re told.

I also love writing too and have found myself, at times, joining the throng of outrage, blaming politicians and business leaders for the state of the natural world and the resulting consequences.

Then I remember what abilities enabled mankind to evolve to dominate this planet in the way we do. I remember that it was and is man’s creative ability to solve complex problems that has led us to industrialise our world.

Then I feel optimism. I feel optimism because we still have those same innate abilities. Creative abilities that will enable us to find the solutions we need. Not only for us, but for all life on Earth.

This is the vision for Search4Solutions – our primary community project aimed at giving our young people the opportunity to shape their futures through their own inventive and entrepreneurial passion.


As soon as Search4Solutions was conceived, I knew I had to convert UP to a Community Interest Company and operate on a not for profit basis. This transition will come into effect very soon.

I have searched most of my life for a sense of purpose, working in a multitude of career paths from events management to full time artist to life and business coach. I suppose you’d call it a portfolio career. Throughout my life, I’ve consistently felt deeply uncomfortable when the purpose of my work was to just make money. I continue find the idea of self publicity a cringe worthy prospect. There is little doubt that these traits have held me back at times – undoubtedly a residue from my childhood creating an often-debilitating sense of uncertainly. But not any more!

My work is no longer about me or my career or money and it is truly liberating. It is about my children’s future and their children’s future. Beyond this, it is about our beautiful planet. I cannot think of a better purpose.

As a culture, we are adept at living in fear and focusing our energy on all that is wrong with the world. We look outwards, expecting others to do something about all the crap in the world. That’s what we pay our taxes for right?

But…this problem. The greatest of all challenges, is one we must all take responsibility for by influencing our communities through considered and thoughtful actions – By changing the way we perceive ourselves and the world we live in.

Our first fundraising challenge for Search4Solutions is called The Plant Powered Plastic Pick UP

The Challenge

In September I’ll begin the journey from John O Groats to Lands End, collecting the plastic waste in my path. I won’t bore you with the logistics, but we plan to have all the litter collected with us at Lands End. This is to highlight the need for us to rethink the nature of our relationship with the environment.

This is primarily a fundraising challenge, but it is also an awareness raising task too and I aim to promote and highlight the many ethical and green products that can easily act as alternatives to the often environmentally damaging ones we reach for first. We do have choices, but we need more and quickly. This is the purpose of the Search4Solutions project.

I am far from perfect and I know I continue to do damage to the environment every day. How can you not, given the way our society is structured! Guilt will not help us find the solutions we need. Acting with good and thoughtful intent will. Talking and sharing ideas will too. We really are all in this together, whether we like it or not.

I hope that through this challenge my own perspective on the environment will change and I will increase my efforts to minimise the impact I have on the environment. I look forward to finding the solutions in my life that lead me down that path.

We will be running campaigns throughout the PPPP challenge so follow our social channels and subscribe for updates. Donate on our crowd funding page and earn your serial numbered Plastic Pick UP certificate. This will give you the voting rights for Search4Solutions.

You will be able to get live updates of the challenge and get exclusive videos with Oreo, my trusted companion yet slightly crazy dog.

This projects success depends on you sharing and spreading our work on your own social media feeds. As with any cause, we need to build a community to make a difference.  I hope you will join us in the vital Search4Solutions so we can give our children the chance to create a future worth looking forward to.

All suggestions welcome.


Thanks for reading – Keep it UP!


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