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Our Workshops are held in stunning venues in and around Brighton and run from 10am – 4pm.

Phil and Rich have a collaborative and knowledge sharing approach to facilitating workshops for groups of up to 15 people. The relaxed and creative feel allows transformative learning to occur regardless of theme.

Phil and Rich are also available to work with clients to create tailor-made workshops around organisation specific challenges. 

Our core workshops are based on the UP system and contains the following main 4 components:

Trust – The most fundamental element to personal and business success

In this workshop we invite you to explore the meaning of trust. We dive into trust and share experiences that illustrate the effect that both trust and distrust have on us and our brains.

We will engage in open discussions around trust and how you can develop effective ways of working that cultivate the full potential of your teams.  This will support you to co-create and develop ideas that allow trust and performance to grow.

We will explore the concepts of conflict and how you can learn to embrace it as a trust creating opportunity. We will also invite you to dig deep into the feeling of trust and discuss how it can strengthen  organisations roots and support an emergence of healthy cultural life.

Creativity – The most powerful and abundant business asset

“Imagination is a force that can manifest reality” – James Cameron

We invite you to explore your beliefs around imagination and creativity and to reflect on the reality of this powerful ability – the constant of imagination in our lives.

We ask you to consider what your organisation will look and feel like when creativity is absorbed into your culture so it can grow every aspect of your business – What are the conditions needed so creativity can begin to emerge and how will you continue to cultivate and harness this powerful energy?

We will also offer daily routines and exercises that will stimulate the creative regions of the brain so problem-solving and decision-making becomes more fluid, efficient and effective.

Leadership – A new way of seeing takes a new type of leadership

At UP we are not interested in the leadership of yesterday, our focus is on the leadership of tomorrow. We believe in 21st Century conversations.

In this workshop we come together to deeply explore the meaning of leadership in the present time and into the emerging future.

We will co-create ideas around the organisational conditions and dynamics that can develop effective leadership across an organisation in the service of well-being, performance and sustainability.


Eco-system – The beauty of natural design

“Look deeper in to nature, then you will understand everything better” – Einstein

The UP system enables you to see working life through a familiar lens.

We ask you to draw your inspiration from the natural world and the elegant systems and cycles that sustain growth and how even death adds nourishment and encourages new life – zero waste.

You can cultivate creativity, so it can support, grow and sustain an organisation through the generation of ideas and concepts and on to initiatives, projects that sustain the entire system.

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