Coaching & Mentoring

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’”– W Dyer

What is coaching?

Coaching is a space where positive mental change can occur. A coach is skilled at facilitating positive change through conversation.

Rich is a fully credentialed ICF Coach and is motivated by the collaborative creative discovery and the transformative potential of human interaction. 

He has coached business owners and Directors, entire sales and marketing teams and a vast array of individuals from film makers and Shamanic healers.

Rich’s perspective and philosophy:

“Neuroscience research states that our brains are in a constant state of change. We are in fact, soft wired not hard wired – the coaching relationship is an ideal space and breeding ground for new connections to be cultivated- Ultimately, I believe our clients know how to get things done and will always reach towards their highest potential.”

For many clients, this can often change the meaning of engaging in individual coaching.

Executive & Leadership

My focus is to improve the way we work with a mutual understanding and desire to find solutions that enrich your individual, group and organisational landscape. This journey begins with increasing awareness and learning while developing greater clarity.

I use a variety of creative problem solving and coaching tools to help you explore the narratives in your life and work, the nature of your relationships and interactions so you can discover solutions that move you towards your vision.

As a leader, you can deepen your understanding of various cultural phenomena and organisational behaviours so we can collaboratively develop systems that will nourish creative potential, increase engagement and drive performance.

An increased awareness of the human nature of organisations will guide you to unearth transformative cultures that form naturally over time. During the process, you can discover previously untapped potential and greater well-being both for your organisation and the environment.

We all want results

We will continuously assess your progress towards clearly defined goals and objectives. The coaching relationship is at the core of the process and we are happy to provide recommendations for trusted and qualified coaches if the time is right. 


Group problem-solving & meeting facilitation

We are both passionate about your creative potential.

This service is designed to help you and your teams become more effective in meetings and discussions. Our aim is to facilitate powerful ‘flow’ interactions that allow the best solutions to be discovered – The action is in the interaction.

This service helps make meetings more efficient and effective with the emergence of more clearly defined strategies – sessions can also be recorded for research and feedback reports if required.

Additional information

I believe coaching should be a service that is accessible to all – We can all be great and can all become leaders – privilege and chance should never be the deciding factor in reaching our true potential.  

I am driven to collaborate with clients who want to move towards their unlimited potential, regardless of circumstance.

See my profile page for more information on my background.

As well as Rich, UP can provide other highly skilled and trained coaches from ICF accredited programs through our wider network.

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