Solution focused coaching 

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’”– W Dyer

My coaching approach

Why do some people live seemingly successful and fulfilling lives while others struggle?

The answer is almost always down to the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world around us. Coaching is aimed at helping individuals and businesses unpack the nature of your experience so you can release your true potential. 

My coaching philosophy is a strength and solution focused approach. In short, I provide a space where positive mental change can occur.

I am a fully credentialed I.C.F Coach and my motivation is to help individuals and businesses transcend their challenges so they can thrive and grow towards their potential.

I have worked as a business consultant as well as coaching and mentoring a wide range of people in my career including business owners and Directors, entire sales and marketing teams and a vast array of individuals from film makers to Shamanic healers.


Rich helped me to overcome a number of challenges both in my personal and work life. Being new to senior management, Rich taught me how to  get the most from people and understand the foundations that every employee needs in order to feel safe in a working environment. With the tools Rich  gave me, I have been able to grow as a manager, build a team and see things from all angles. Rich also enabled me to overcome personal challenges such as depression and anxiety. Rich taught me that it’s ok, to not be ok. and techniques to help me cope. Rich has been fantastic and I would I highly recommend him.  – – A.R – Head of Marketing

My coaching revolves around 3 key areas.

Mindset – I help you develop an internal control and power mindset through the development of goals, positive visualisation and a system view mentality.

Awareness – I help you understand the nature of your thinking including the beliefs you hold that dictate your actions. Through deepening your awareness in this area you can challenge any limiting beliefs you may have about yourself and the world.

I help you understand your emotions and work with you to develop strategies that enable you to cope with emotions more effectively.

I help you explore your behaviours and what factors trigger certain behaviours so you can practice thinking strategies that serve you in reaching towards your potential.

Creativity – I help you harness your creative ability in the pursuit of your goals and overall well-being. I support you transform to adopt an empowering solutions focus through imagination.

My coaching service is concerned with helping you feel better about yourself and your experiences. I will help you explore your strengths so you can align with your true potential.

To help the process, I have developed a useful regeneration mindset system to help you utilise your gifts.

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I’ve known Rich for just over a year now and can’t thank him enough for helping in my current working role. At the beginning I was very sceptical about the whole process and firmly believed I didn’t need a life coach. However, during the course of 2018 I have achieved 2 promotions and feel the coaching and support from Rich has been a major contributor to my personal successes. He takes time to learn about your strengths and attributes, helping to utilise and apply them to areas I have found difficult in the past. Outside of work, I became a father this year as well. Having a life coach like Rich available to talk to has been an invaluable asset during a major change in my personal life. – W.K – Lead Account Manager



Personal Leadership

My focus is to improve the you work with a mutual understanding and desire to find solutions that enrich your landscapes. This journey begins adopting a regeneration mindset.

I use a variety of creative problem solving and coaching tools to help you explore the narratives in your life and work. By exploring the nature of your strengths, relationships and interactions you can discover solutions that move you towards your highest vision with renewed focus.

I help you find order in the disorder

An increased awareness of human nature will guide you to unearth transformative solutions that evolve over time. During the process, you will discover previously untapped potential and greater well-being.

We all want results

I will continuously assess your progress towards clearly defined goals and objectives. 

Success is dependent on our coaching relationship. I am therfore happy to provide recommendations for trusted and qualified coaches if needed.


Additional information

I believe coaching should be a service that is accessible to all – We can all be great and can all be leaders. 

I am driven to collaborate with clients who want to move towards creating a better planet through their unlimited potential, regardless of circumstance.

See my profile page for more information on my background.

I can provide recommendations to other highly skilled and trained coaches from ICF accredited programs through our wider network.

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