The Plant Powered Plastic Pick UP

Climate change scares the shit out of me. I have 3 wonderful kids and if the science is right, unless we change the direction of our society, their future looks pretty bleak, or so we’re told. I also love writing too and have found myself, at...

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What can we learn from single use tents?

Single use tents? My mouth dropped to the floor when I watched a piece on #victoriaderbyshire about #singleusetents being left at festivals around the country. Victoria had 3 guests on the show, including a festival organiser, a tent manufacturer and a millennial...

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How much does coaching cost?

Words 1011.  Reading time 5 minutes How much should I pay for coaching? - Its a question I get asked more than any other and understandably so. It can also be a source of considerable frustration for those considering engaging with coaching and a question I would love...

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Learning from grief – A farewell to Dad

1145 words -  approx 6 minutes The World changed in an instant -   Shock. Panic. It’s too late. Time’s up! Life is fleeting and fragile - it can end at any time. My dad passed away last month. He’d suffered a fall while walking his dogs and suffered complicated...

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Doing business doesn’t have to cost the Earth

666 words  Average 5 minute reading time Environmental business ethics is about human interaction with nature. From a business perspective, it is concerned with how we can protect the environment in which we operate. In recent years, public opinion on the damage human...

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