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“The most extraordinary breakthroughs of the 21st Century will not happen through technology, but through an expanding understanding of what it means to be Human”

John Naisbett

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Why work with us!

We are a small bespoke consultancy, the product of 2 guys from Brighton who share a common vision and set of values – workplace environments and cultures are a source of pure potential for the individual, organisation and wider society.

We believe it is creativity along with a determination to find solutions that holds the key to bring our organisations and cultures to life.

UP has evolved by blending wide and varied perspectives; from the arts and philosophy to science and business. Contrasting experiences and knowledge remain crucial in developing and evolving our vision and purpose.

Our Vision – to unearth human potential in the workplace and foster greater well being – individually, culturally and environmentally.

We owe our continued gratitude to the psychology, science, academic and business communities as well as those we have worked, connected, shared and collaborated with.

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“There are no passengers on Earth,               we are all crew”  Marshall McLuhan

Science has now provided us with irrefutable evidence of the damage being inflicted on our planet. It seems clear that change is no longer a choice but a necessity.

We would welcome the opportunity to partner with business leaders to develop environmental business ethics strategies and cultures that inspire, motivate and influence.

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Doing business doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

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Our blog is aimed at helping our readers gain more knowledge  of the areas we cover in our services as well as providing insights and discoveries in the worlds of psychology, philosophy, science and business. We hope you enjoy our content. Thank for reading - Keep it UP!

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